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Computerized information systems collect huge amounts of data and it is an genuine arts to take from they useful knowledge not only statistics numbers.

Geulincx Poland Ltd company to launch transponders on Polish market has rendered free of charge International Database SAFE-ANIMAL accessible. Database emerge like an result of cooperation between Geulincx Poland and one of microchip's producer – Planet ID GmBH. Transponders we distribute has all of essential certificates, high quality differs them from other and they are sold in all of states in the world where pet electronic identification was introduced.

SAFE-ANIMAL Database acts on principles non-profit and we don't collect any charges (contrary for other Polish database) for taking places for facilities – that causes, that it expands very fast. Professional and technical advancing of SAFE-ANIMAL database allows exclusively exact course of registration of data, which subject continuous editing in it. Expertness and professionalism differs SAFE-ANIMAL Database but competence of staff and of theme of electronic identification puts us on first place in this sector in Poland.

SAFE-ANIMAL Database it is not only computer software and possibly server placed application – it is an professional and completely resource planning system ERP. We have introduced a new quality and solutions onto polish market, which was absolutely inaccessible so far. Commercials version of kind of these software have seen daylight just on year 2005. So, we are first sole owner of Professional INFORMATION MANAGEMENT system in Poland. SAFE-ANIMAL Database is placed to special archive on perfect indemnified servers where specialists of electronic sectors take care over safety of information.

Physician of veterinary medicine, after earliest contact with Geulincx Poland company, gets an unique LOGIN and personal PASSWORD, which allows them on independent use of database. However, owners of animals, using internet lo logging on website and than SAFE-ANIMAL, without problem can recover their pets.

Data are introduced for SAFE-ANIMAL Database by physicians with result of procedure of injection carried cooperating with Geulincx Poland company as well as which implant other transponder producer's equipment (we don't charge them for it). It solve all problems which physician veterinary medicine become previously to searching correct database as well as problem which appears in accidentally of city introducing electronic identification. Till now cities introducing electronic identification were definite on field on time user database after period of relating agreement did not have choice and must use the some producer. Geulincx Poland transfers database and software ownership to city and in that fact we give same choice of offer in next years as well as it tied with costs savings.

Pet owners receive for free an identification strips which also allow take preliminary knowledge concerning lost animal. Identification strip is an solution which give an warranty of immediate contact with SAFE-ANIMAL Database staff. Information printed onto identification strip i.e. SAFE-ANIMAL website address, hotline number allow to contact with witch SAFE-ANIMAL Database staff, which will help with recovery of animal owner. An information strip is also an information for physician of veterinary medicine, council police officer as well as animal resort staff that the animal is after injection procedure and it owns transponder injected.

SAFE-ANIMAL Database have an direct connection with tax execution software in cities and animals resort. Data updating between SAFE-ANIMAL Database and software cooperated follows immediately.

An international SAFE-ANIMAL Database give also short time between injection of animal by physician of veterinary medicine and data placing onto database .